Unity Candle/Unity Ceremony


The unity candle ceremony involves the lighting of a candle by the bride and groom to show that they are united now and forever. Usually 2 persons assist, often the mothers of the bride and groom, by holding single candles, lighting them and giving them to the bride and groom who then use the single candles to light one larger candle. I supply everything for the candle ceremony.

Ceremony can be included as one of the 3 add-ons package.


The unity cross ceremony is a religious version of the unity ceremony and uses a special “cross” which can be purchased at craft stores, some department stores or online and is furnished by the couple or by a loved one as a wedding gift.

Like the unity candle, the unity cross portion of the ceremony can include the family: The two mothers bring both sections of the cross to the wedding officiant for them to be united.